natalieb99 (natalieb99) wrote,

Alice in Wonderland dress

My first post so if anything is wrong just tell me and i'll fix it.

Me and my friend are desperately looking for an Alice in Wonderland themed dress. Does anyone know of any? Preferably a long one but shorter dresses are fine too. Thanks ^_^
Tags: alice in wonderland, dress
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I am so sorry but I can not reply you PM (I am the one who sell Toy Parde OP)

the message for you :


The dress is still available.

For your question:
I have bought the purple in JSK version this Summer. I want the mint or black OP.
But my SS bought the wrong one. So I have to sell it. Now I just want its go ASAP.
I never wear it even try it.

Thank you ^^


Please reply me if you saw it ^^
Irrelevant to your post, but I was trying to respond to your PM and it won't let me, says something about your privacy settings!
Hi, you should be able to message me now. I had honestly forgotten about it until now >.